Collection: Matt Hebert

From earliest memory, Matt Hebert was making marks on paper, sketches
at random, artwork for contests, and images for friends and family—his
primary and natural response to the dynamic relationship he’s always
sensed between creativity and connectivity. He earned his B.A. in
Studio Art and his art teaching certificate from St. Olaf College in
Northfield, Minnesota in 1996. Studying the relationship between
fine art and faith, he received a Master of Arts from Denver Seminary in
Denver, Colorado in 2002. Matt is driven to create for the sake of
connecting. His drawings and paintings have been shown in galleries,
academic institutions, cafes, and churches, as well as utilized for
devotional purposes in worship services and discussion groups. He
makes his career both as an artist and as a ministry director with
Youth For Christ in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he co-developed a
mentoring program for teenage artists. Portable Vision will
celebrate its 16th year and 32nd show in December 2022
( He’s married to his best friend, trusted critic and
fellow artist (no painting leaves the studio without her approval)
and story-mate, Sara. They enjoy central Minnesota life and
adventure indoors, but mostly outdoors, along with their favorite
creations Jack, Liv, and Sophia.