Whitty Artists Middle School

Whitty Artists Middle School

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8 Days: June 7 - 10 and 13 - 16, 10am - 3pm

Age Group: Middle School

Learn the difference (and similarities) between “fine” and “applied” arts, by learning studio art practices like drawing and painting, then meeting local creatives like architects, upholsterers, and designers! We speak similar languages, and have fun solving problems, telling stories, and sharing our vision.

During the 8 day workshop, you will dive deep in art making:

  • Make a handmade journal

  • Learn to Draw from “life”

  • Paint and Draw using the vocabulary of art

  • Make a floral arrangement (with Green Thumb, Etc)

  • Create a small upholstery project

  • Problem Solve with JLG Architects

  • Learn the history of downtown St. Cloud Architecture (Future workshop at the Stearns Museum available)

  • And MORE!